May 15, 2021

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iPad OS14 Review

ios 14 Review

Ipad ios14

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iPadOS builds on the same powerful foundation as iOS, while offering distinct experiences designed just for the capabilities of iPad. And now iPadOS 14 pushes the platform even further, with powerful and intuitive updates to Apple Pencil, apps, augmented reality and so much more.



To take full advantage of the large canvas iPad offers, core elements of the iPadOS experience have been redesigned and streamlined. So you can get more done, more easily than ever.

Redesigned widgets

Today View widgets have been redesigned to show you more information right from the Home Screen. You can choose among different sizes or add a Smart Stack of widgets, which uses on-device intelligence to show the right widget at the right time in your day.


App design

New enhancements like sidebars and pull-down menus let you quickly and easily access more app functions from a single location, without switching views.


A more compact search design lets you stay focused on your main task and open apps or search the web with just a tap. And a new as-you-type experience delivers faster, more relevant results.


Key Features and Enhancements


Redesigned widgets

Widgets have been redesigned to be more beautiful and data rich, so they can provide even more utility throughout your day.

Widgets in different sizes

Widgets now come in small, medium and large sizes so you can pick the information density that’s right for you.

Widgets for everything

Redesigned Apple widgets for Weather, Clock, Calendar, Notes, Maps, Photos, Reminders, Stocks, Music, TV, Tips, Notes, Shortcuts, Battery, Screen Time, Files, Podcasts and Siri Suggestions.

Widget gallery

The central place for all your widgets from Apple and third parties. The gallery shows the top widgets based on what users are installing and using most.

Smart Stack

In the Widget gallery, you can select the Smart Stack, a set of widgets you can swipe through that uses on-device intelligence to surface the right widget at the right time based on factors like time, location and activity. For example, you might see the Weather widget in the morning, Calendar events during the day and commute time from Apple Maps in the evening.

Siri Suggestions widget

The Siri Suggestions widget uses on‑device intelligence to show actions you might take based on your usage patterns, such as ordering a coffee or starting a podcast. Tap the suggestion to perform the action without launching the app.

Developer API

Developers can create their own widgets using a new API that lets them take advantage of the redesigned widgets, including the ability to put them on the Home Screen and show them at the right time.

App Design

Redesigned sidebars

Sidebars have been redesigned with a new look that delivers even more information while showing more of the app’s functionality in the main window. Photos, Music, Shortcuts, Voice Memos, Calendar, Notes, Files, Mail and Contacts have redesigned sidebars for a consistent experience across iPadOS.


Streamlined toolbars in Calendar and Files let apps consolidate buttons and menus into a single bar across the top of the app, making it easy to get to all its controls.


Popovers automatically dismiss when interacting with other parts of an app.

Pull-down menus

New pull-down menus throughout built-in apps such as Files let you access app functionality from a single button.

Date picker

A redesigned date picker makes it quick and easy to choose dates in Calendar and Contacts. It’s displayed as a calendar, so you can simply tap the date you want.


Top Hit results

The most relevant results, including apps, contacts, knowledge, Maps’ points of interest and websites, are shown right at the top, making it easier to find what you need.

Quick launcher

Type a few characters and you can quickly launch apps and websites by tapping Go.

Compact UI

A new compact design uses only as much space as needed and enables you to search from anywhere, like the Home Screen, or over any app so you don’t lose track of what you’re doing.

iPadOS 14 builds on the same powerful foundation as iOS, while offering distinct experiences designed just for the capabilities of iPad.

As-you-type search suggestions

Just start typing and search suggestions appear below the search field.

In-app search

Start a search within apps like Mail, Messages and Files.

Web search

Searching the web is now easier than ever. Start typing and see relevant websites and web search suggestions displayed at the top, making it easy to quickly launch Safari for a full web search.

Compact UI

Phone calls

When you receive a call from your iPhone, it appears as a banner instead of taking over the entire screen, so you won’t lose track of what you’re doing. Swipe up on the banner to dismiss it or swipe down to access extended phone features.

Third-party VoIP calls

A developer API is available so that apps like Skype can support compact incoming calls.

FaceTime calls

When you receive a FaceTime call, it appears as a banner instead of taking over the entire screen. Swipe up on the banner to dismiss it or swipe down to access extended FaceTime features.


Siri has an all-new compact design that allows you to refer to information onscreen and seamlessly launch into your next task. As you start a request, Siri appears in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Results have been updated to give you just the information you need in a new compact layout. And Siri quickly gets out of the way when launching apps, placing calls or getting directions.


Pinned conversations

Pin your favourite conversations to the top of your conversation list so you can always get to them. Recent messages, Tapbacks and typing indicators animate above the pin. And if a group conversation is pinned, you’ll see three recent participants circle around the pin when they send a message.

Up to nine pins

You can have up to nine pinned conversations that sync across Messages in iOS, iPadOS and macOS.


Direct a message to an individual in a group conversation by typing the person’s name. You can customise a particularly active group so you receive notifications only when you are mentioned.

Inline replies

Now you can reply directly to a specific message in a group conversation. See all related messages in their own view to easily keep track of a thread.

Set group photo

Set an image for your group conversation using a photo, Memoji or emoji that is shared with all members of the group.

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